The program for the 41st edition of the Montreal International Festival of New Cinema was announced this past Tuesday at a press conference, the same day and almost the same time that the press screening for "Looper" was scheduled. I may have had some use for the time

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travelling devices of "Looper" to be able to be at the two events at more or less the same time. Still, with some outdated early 21st century technology I still managed to be at the unveiling of this other more offbeat film festival in the city. Unlike the Montreal World Film Festival that takes place at the end of summer, the New Cinema Fest (FNC for its French acronym) is more inclined to showcase films less likely to be released commercially. That either because of the more experimental nature of their form or narrative, or because of the nature of their plots. However, seeing some of the films at the FNC

The festival new cinema offering something for everyone

is usually a delightful exercise into what some movies may be like in a few years from now. Innovation, the experimental search of some directors all over the world is perhaps one of the main attractions of this smaller and different film fest. CANADIAN FILM WILL OPEN,A FRENCH ONE WILL CLOSE The New Cinema Festival will open on October 10 with the Canadian film "La mise à l'aveugle" ("Small Blind") directed by Simon Galiero, in a special show at Theatre Maisonneuve (the movie will be presented in French with English subtitles). "Small Blind" tells the story of Denise a woman of ripe age whose life has recently changed with the divorce from her husband Michel,the relocation to the neighbourhood of her youth, and the retirement from her position as financial director in a

Canadian film "Small Blind" opens the Festival of New Cinema

large company now directed by her son,Alex. An object of contempt by her husband,her son and at her former workplace, Denise desperately clings to them, unable to communicate.This changes when Denise meets her new neighbours who initiate her to the world of poker.Little by little,she submits to the pleasures of the game and substitutes one family for another.The French movie "Camille redouble" ("Camille Rewinds") directed by Noémie Lvosky will close the festival on October 20 at the Imperial Theatre. THE INTERNATIONAL SELECTION This section presents a collection of independent productions from many different countries. They will be competing for the Louve d'Or which is accompanied by a $15,000 cash prize.The movies in this competitive category are: "Blackbird," di- rected by Jason Buxton (Canada), "Blancanieves" by Pablo Berger (Spain-France), "Boy Eating the Bird's Food" by Ektoras Lygizos (Greece), "Catimini" by Nathalie St-Pierre (Canada), "Deadman's Burden" by Jared Moshe (United States),"La demora" by Rodrigo Plá (Mexico- U r u g u ay - F r a n c e ) , "Djeca,enfants de Sarajevo" by Aida Begic (Bosnia Herzegovina), "L'enfant d'en haut" by Ursula Meier (France- Switzerland),"Francine" by Brian M. Cassidy and Melanie Shatzky (Canada-United States), "Here and There" by Antonio Mendez Esparza (Mexico-United States-Spain), "Loving" by Slawomir Fabicki (Poland), "Our Little Difference" by Sylvie Michel (Germany), "Rengaine" by Rachid Djaidani (France), "The Shine of Day" by Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel (Austria), "Sudoeste" by Eduardo Nunes (Brazil),"LaTête la première" by Amelie Van Elmbt (Belgium- France), "Un mois en Thalande" by Paul Negouescu (Romania),and "A Respectable Family" by Massoud Bakshi (Iran). In other categories some interesting movies to see are "The Angel's Share" by British director Ken Loach,"Midnight's Children" by Canadian director Deepa Mehta, "No" a Chilean film directed by Pablo Larrain, and "A Liar's Autobiography-The Untrue Story of Monty Python's Graham Chapman" by Bill Jones, Jeff Simpson, and Ben Timlett (United Kigdom). The Montreal International Festival of New Cinema will run from October 10 to 21,2012. For the complete list of movies and ticket information go to the web site of the festival:

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