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Acrowd of 400 turned out for St Pierre's sixth annual neighbourhood fes-

John Symon


tival on September Saturday, 15. The event featured street hockey, a BMX bike competition, a rap concert by P-Flow Matics, corn on the cob, and cinema in the park. Despite chilly evening temperatures during a showing of Men in Black 3, organizer David Marshall of the Saint Pierre revitalization committee (CRUISP) dubbed the event, "a tremendous success." The Saint Pierre sector was an independent municipality (Ville St Pierre) until 1999 when it was absorbed by the City of Lachine. But in 2002,

St Pierre festival

400 turn out for event

Lachine became a borough of Montreal. The sector is known for its affordable rent, but not for much in the way of local entertainment. CRUISP has also worked to open le Marché St. Pierre-now open seven days a week-where residents can purchase fresh produce and other healthy food choices. CRUISP has also established a 'caserne des jeunes' where 12-17 year olds can hang out or get help with homework. The group is also working to beautify St. Pierre, encourage community gardens, and addressing local security issues. Comité de revitalisation urbaine intégrée du quartier Saint-Pierre (CRUISP) 514.365.7000 .

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Photo: John Symon P-Flow Matics raps in the park in St. Pierre


Common Ragweed ("herbe à poux" in French) is another name for "misery" for all those who suffer hay fever. Each ragweed plant

John Symon


(Ambrosia artemisiifolia) can disperse some one billion airborne pollen grains each year and ragweed has the most allergenic pollen of any

6 SEPTEMBER 29, 2012 *



plant according to Wikipedia. Despite all the hay fever it causes, ragweed is a rather inconspicuous plant; its flowers are not colorful at all. Ragweed can often be found in vacant lots and along roadsides, even growing out of cracks in the sidewalk (see photo). The good news is that the ragweed pollen season, which typically begins in early August, should end soon with the first killer frosts.


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