`xie zyxt
?And to the cattle Avrohom ran,
and he took a young calf, soft and
good, and he gave it to the lad, and
he hurried to prepare it.?
? Bereishis 18:7
Parshas Vayeira opens with a detailed
description of a day in the life of
Avrohom Avinu. Avrohom was 99 years
old, and it was the third day after his undergoing

bris milah.

He was in such
pain that HASHEM changed the course
on the parsha
The Love
Of Chessed
jh erp ,hatrc rpx
rgbv kt i,hu cuyu lr rec ic jehu ovrct .r recv ktu (z)
:u,t ,uagk rvnhu
z euxp jh erp kg h"ar
ksrjc ,ubuak wd ikhftvk hsf uhv ohrp wd - cuyu lr rec ic (z)
(z"p n"c)
Didn?t Avrohom have
better things to do
with his time?

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