The little band that could

By Walter J. Lyng The Suburban Vanessa Morelli, Diana Lalla and Kathy Perlini have done what a lot of start up bands are simply never able to do; they?ve written, produced and recorded a full album. Known collectively as Line Spectra, the indie rock band from the West Island will be launching their debut effort Maps and Directions on Jan. 15 at Clydes Bar in Pointe Claire. Says lead singer Morelli, although the band hasn?t always been known as Line Spectra, they?ve been making music together for some time now. ?We?ve been performing as Line Spectra for three and a half years but we kind of formed nine or 10 years ago in high school,? says the 22-year-old former Queen of Angels student. ?We weren?t a band then but we played a lot of talent shows and that?s pretty much how we got started.? Regarding the band?s name, Morelli says it reflects their hard-to-define sound. ?We don?t think our music fits into one specific genre, we see it fitting into a bunch of different genres so the idea of a spectrum was really important to us,? she says. ?The name encompasses who we really are because we feel our music is very eclectic.? Recorded while all the girls were still

Restaurant review

Restaurant Bâton Rouge in DDO: the choice is endless

By Anthony Bonaparte The Suburban In the mood for some fall-off-the-bone ribs the other night, I met with a friend and drove out to the Bâton Rouge on St. Jean Blvd. in Dollard des Ormeaux. When we got there, Ali, a server who has been with the restaurant for 13 years, took us to our comfortable booth and handed us our menus. We took our time looking through the familiar Bâton Rouge items: slow cooked BBQ pork back ribs, marinated grilled chicken breast or jumbo grilled shrimp ? the choices seemed endless. At Bâton Rouge, the ribs are often my meal of choice, but now the steak ? cut from quality AAA Sterling Silver beef, aged a minimum of 30 days and spiced to perfection ? caught my eye. Suddenly, deciding what to have didn?t seem like such an easy task. My guest was eying both the fresh Atlantic salmon and the seared tuna steak. So we decided to start with some appetizers and decide on the main course later. Ali was a great help, suggesting some of Bâton Rouge?s most asked-for starters. I?d already sampled and loved the grilled calamari, barbecued over charcoal and finished in the pan with JEREMY COHEN PHOTO Left to right: Diana Lalla, Vanessa Morelli and Kathy Perlini make up Line Spectra in university, Morelli says the album?s title and theme reflects their shared experience at the time. ?The album is really about being pulled in all kinds of different directions and somehow finding your way through it,? she says. ?The general theme is making choices; choosing the relationships to be in, the places to live, the places to be, and career choices.? There is no trace of fatigue in Morelli?s voice as she talks about their finished product. Completely committed to this project, it would be a mistake to call this a pass time for these girls. ?We don?t really see this as a pass time,? Morelli says. ?It?s gone much further than that for us. We would love to capers and a special sauce. This time I wanted something different. Ali suggested the warm spinach dip; the blend of spinach, artichoke hearts and imported cheeses was an interesting taste sensation complemented by crispy and totally addictive tortilla chips and two small side dishes of sour cream and sauce piquante ($9.50). We also opted for something from the restaurant?s Festive Menu ? which alternates seasonally with the Mardi Gras and Lobster Fest promotions. We had the jumbo King crab claws ? three claws served on a bed of shaved ice with Bâton Rouge?s signature cocktail sauce ($18). The meat was already pulled from the claw and was soft, tender and sweet on the tongue. The soup of the day, a tomato-based chilli soup with ground beef, onions, garlic and carrots, sounded great but would have been too much. For my main course, I now swayed between the rack of lamb and the grilled pork chop ($24) before finally deciding on the latter. This 14-ounce, 1 ? inch-thick bone-in chop served on a sizzling plate is cured before it is grilled, which makes every bite juicy and infused with the hickory smoke of the fire. I had a choice of mashed or baked potato, French fries or steamed vegetables and opted for the all-dressed baked potato, which came overflowing with melted cheese, sour make a career out of it. We just really hope people enjoy our music as much as we like making it.? Tickets to the show cost $5 and can be purchased at the door. Doors will open at 9 p.m. and Line Spectra will perform at 10 p.m. Copies of the album will be available for $10 each. Clydes Bar is located at 286 Lakeshore Road. ? cream, bacon and scallions ? a meal in itself. My guest went with the tasty salmon ($21), an eightounce filet grilled over a hickory smoke fire, cooked the way she likes it. She chose fresh steamed vegetables, which are sautéed in butter and topped with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. A night out for dinner isn?t complete without dessert and coffee and Bâton Rouge has a number of delicious selections like the mystique chocolate cake, the sixlayer carrot cake, deep chocolate walnut brownie and the seasonal cheesecake. But we wanted something warm and cool at the same time and went for the Southern-style apple cobbler ? a decadent blend of apples with a touch of cinnamon and brown sugar, served on a layer of caramel sauce and topped with walnuts and French vanilla ice cream. Fresh brewed coffee helped wash it all down. Bâton Rouge has a lunch menu available from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., where soup, the main dish, coffee and dessert can be had from $10.95 to $19.95. And drop in during Happy Hour, 4-7 p.m. every day. Most of the drinks are half price. BBââttoonn RRoouuggee iiss llooccaatteedd aatt 33883399 SStt.. JJeeaann BBllvvdd.. iinn DDoollllaarrdd ddeess OOrrmmeeaauuxx.. CCaallll 551144--662266--66444400 oorr vviissiitt wwwwww..bbaattoonnrroouuggeerreessttaauurraannttss..ccoomm ffoorr mmoorree iinnffoorrmmaa-ttiioonn.. THE WEST ISLAND SUBURBAN, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 13, 2010 ? 23

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