By Julia Gerke The Suburban In the one-woman show Piaf - Love Conquers All by Roger Peace, Montrealborn actress Naomi Emmerson sings about the triumphs and trials in renowned French vocalist Édith Piaf?s life. Accompanied by Carmela Sinco on Piano, Emmerson performs 13 original songs from Piaf?s repertoire, including Non, je ne regrette rien, La Vie en Rose and Hymne a L?Amour. ?The words in her songs are always talking about something in her life,? Emmerson said in a telephone interview from her current home in Brooklyn, New York, adding quickly that she doesn?t pretend to be exactly like the small-framed singer with the larger-than-life voice. ?I try to sound like Piaf, but I am not trying to impersonate her like some people do with Elvis. I am trying to get the essence of her voice and the feel of it because obviously she had an unbelievably unique voice and no one could ever match it. It?s my actor?s interpretation of what she was like.? Piaf was born in 1915 in Paris. With her unique voice she overcame poverty to gain international stardom, but her life was never easy: Addicted to morphine and suffering from rheumatism, Piaf medicated herself with drugs and alcohol, yet never lost her passion for men and music. Piaf - Love Conquers All focuses on those aspects of her life but does not provide a biographical timeline. If you have a child who will attend an English school for the first time, enrolment for the 2009-2010 academic year will take place at the English Montreal School Board elementary school nearest you offering the French program of your choice. The English public schools of Quebec: The many faces of success n



Piaf?s love to conquer all?

Naomi Emmerson as Édith Piaf

Elementary School Registration

February 2-6, 2009

For more information about which school your child can attend or whether he or she qualifies for English education, please call the Board at 514-483-7200 or log on to Sponsored by Brio Professional Services in support of public education COURTESY OF LVR PRODUCTIONS ?It?s almost as if she is in an interview and she?s trying to set the record straight,? Emmerson says. ?It?s like she?s telling us the way she wants to be remembered.? Emmerson has been working on the show for years after its debut at the 2005 Toronto Fringe Festival and subsequent tours, which included a run at the off- Broadway Soho Playhouse. ?It?s kind of my lucky charm or a best friend,? she says. ?I am so familiar with it now; she?s so much part of my skin, really, that I can recall it in a short time. It?s powerful and moving? a way to always give tribute to her and give thanks. I am so grateful that she lived. If she hadn?t lived I wouldn?t be doing what I am doing right now.? Piaf will run Jan. 28 to Feb. 8 at Centaur Theatre. Info: or call 514-288-3161. n


?Where our future meets our past?

Where every day is an Open House.

WE THANK THE COMMUNITY FOR ITS CONFIDENCE IN THE ACADEMY NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR: PRE-KINDERGARTEN 2009/10 KINDERGARTEN 2009/10 For an appointment with our Principal, Dr. Shimshon Hamerman please call 514-485-0866 5555 Cote St. Luc Rd. Montreal H3X 2C9 Nurturing and Qualified Staff Readiness and Preparation for School in English, French and Hebrew Lunch and Extended Day Programs; Fully Air-Conditioned Facilities

Coffee break

Some people can?t start the day without it ? the slightly bitter black brew and worldwide commodity called coffee. Yet the everyday drink has stirred up controversy when it comes to the harvesting of the coffee bean and its trading practices. Why not learn more about it while getting a taste of what the fuss is all about? The Segal Centre?s CinemaSpace tomorrow (Thursday, Jan. 22) screens the Fair Trade episode of the documentary Black Coffee and offers a free tasting of a fair-trade, organic coffee and espresso at the Lounge. The film?s director and co-writer Irene Angelico will be on hand for a question and answer period after the screening. The coffee tasting begins at 6:30 p.m. for all film ticket holders and continues afterwards. Seating is limited. Call 514-739-7944. ? Julia Gerke THE SUBURBAN, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 21, 2009 ? 27

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