2 ? THE EAST END SUBURBAN, THURSDAY, APRIL 30, 2009 By Joel Ceausu The Suburban One school, one month, 260 jumbo garbage bags, and it all has to go somewhere. That is the repugnant math lesson these days at Dante School in Saint- Leonard, where students and staff began tackling the waste issue by establishing a Green Committee in January. There is now an extra recycling bin in each classroom of the school, with ambassadors in each class helping their classmates understand what is recyclable and what is not. This has made a huge impact in terms of the waste Dante School throws out on a daily basis. Coupled with the ever-popular QUEBEC?S LARGEST ENGLISH WEEKLY NEWSPAPER SINCE 1963

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Dante?s Earth Day

Reduced from 13 large bags. 7575 Trans-Canada Highway, Suite 105, St. Laurent, QC H4T 1V6 (514) 484-1107 (Fax) 484-9616 suburban@thesuburban.com www.thesuburban.com Some images and graphics Copyright 2006 Michael Publishing and its licensors. All rights reserved. JOEL CEAUSU PHOTOS Chesel Richardson and Allessandro Antonacci with their partner in composting. a lunch bag where everything is reusable. ?Instead of using Ziplocs which can end up in the garbage we use Tupperware,? she says, adding that plastic utensils, bottled water and disposable napkins can all be replaced with washable alternatives. The Green Committee initiatives have really given her pause for thought, she says. But is the environment just a once-yearly consideration? ?No way,? she insists, adding that she now can ? and does ? regularly spot needless energy waste and inefficient uses of paper and other resources. Upstairs in the Cycle 3 French class, students Chesel Richardson and Alessandro Antonacci are stewards of a composting project involving lunch scraps and worms. It?s a big hit, says parent volunteer Nobuko Nadeau, and teaches kids not only about science and recycling ?but also about responsibility and caring for living things.? The school hopes to place a vermi-composter in every class and have a larger one installed outdoors by next fall. Compost produced by the project will be used locally or sold to raise funds for other environmental initiatives. Last month the student body used artwork and other creative means to raise more than $2,000 for a well-water project in Africa. ?We?re committed to this,? says Nadeau, adding that the entire school is on board for a green shift. ?It?s their generation that will have to care for this planet,? says Nadeau. ?It?s something they need to think about. It takes time, but we will get there.? ? Publisher?s liability for error: The publisher shall not be liable for slight changes or typographical errors that do not lessen the value of an advertisement. The publisher?s liability for other errors or omissions in connection with any advertisement is strictly limited to publication of the advertisement in any subsequent issue or the refund of any monies paid for the advertisement. Entire Contents Copyright Michael Publishing Co. Inc., Thursday, April 30, 2009

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