also eager to learn Mishna with his Daddy over Yom Tov. He enjoyed learning about the different types of kosher and non-kosher Succahs. Shaul Aryeh davened like a big Tzaddik. He learned everyday and listened to the Rav's speeches! Shaul Aryeh helped build the Succah and decorate it. He danced with the Torah and said "Good Yom Tov" to Rabbi Kahana. He was so proud to watch his Tatty dance with the Rav on his shoulders. Yosef [Feigenbaum] read the entire Parshas Zos Habracha over Succos vacation! We are so proud of Yosef for reading so beautifully and for showing so much enthusiasm in his Torah learning! Yosef read the last Pesukim and made a Siyum with his cousins. He shared candy with everyone. After that, he read one more Pasuk because we are never finished learning Torah! We are so proud of Yosef! We are so proud of Asher Frydman!!! He learned Mishnayis Succah with his father over Succos vacation and got up to Perek Daled. He also bentched carefully, following along nicely for the first two paragraphs. He was helpful and played nicely with his two year old twin brothers. We had a beautiful Yom Tov with Yeshaya Simcha from start to finish! He was so excited for Succos and knew so much about Yom Tov. He davened beautifully every day and with much enthusiasm. He brought much nachas to the entire family. Thank you Rebbe for all you did to prepare Yeshaya Simcha for Yom Tov! I want to tell you what a very special Mitzvah boy Pinny [Ehrenfeld] is. He did so many Mitzvos over Yom Tov: 1. He came with his Daddy to shul so many times; 2. He davened beautifully; 3. He learned Torah with his Daddy; 4. He watched his baby sister; 5. He cleaned up the playroom so many times; 6. He danced with the Sefer Torah and kissed the Sefer Torah 100 times. Pinny is excited to come back to Yeshiva and learn so much Torah! We are very, very proud of him. Thank you for preparing Chaim Markowitz for Yom Tov. He had such an enthusiasm for each day. We were amazed at how wonderful he davened, learned and behaved throughout Yom Tov. Each day he davened beautifully from a Siddur and even followed along in shul. He was so excited to hear them announce and begin saying Mashiv

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