Many, Many Mitzvah Boys!

Dear Rabbi Brecher

Eli Minzer was fantastic over Yom Tov! He davened from a Siddur almost every day and was super helpful! Ami [Buck] made us proud so many times over Yom Tov. First of all, he sat so nicely with his Abba in shul during each Mincha and Maariv. Second, we loved listening to him make Kiddush and sing and read bentching after each meal. Ami and his brother also made us so proud when we got stuck in a huge traffic jam coming back from New Jersey on Chol Hamoed. They had perfect behavior in the car. Finally, we loved watching Ami dance with the Torah in shul on Simchas Torah. He really made us proud! If the year is anything like Yom Kipper, we are going to have a great year! Zisha Lefkovitz was so amazing the whole time. He played so nice while I davened and helped with Dovi! We are so proud of Zisha! Eli Lempel shook his Lulav and Esrog in shul very nicely. He also got an Aliyah on Simchas Torah and made the Birchas HaTorah like a big Bar Mitzvah boy. We were so proud of him! Yonah [Bamberger] was amazing over Yom Tov! What a great helper! We are so proud! It was such a tremendous Nachas to see how excited Yisroel Meir Frand was to perform all of the Mitzvos on Yom Tov. His face was literally shining when he heard the "Layshayv Basuccah" on the first night in the pouring rain. He got up very, very early with such zerizus to run to the succah to eat breakfast so he would be able to say the Bracha on his own. He was ecstatic to shake Lulav and Esrog and even managed to convince his Zeida to get him his own set. He was such a tremendous help, always offering to serve by the seudos. He was also such a help running after his equally active baby brothers. The beautiful ending to a beautiful Yom Tov was watching Yisroel Meir jump and dance with such pure joy on Simchas Torah and hearing his first Aliyah! Thank you for preparing him so well. Yehoshua Heinemann was such a big Mitzvah boy over Yom Tov. He helped with his younger sisters, played beautifully with his cousins and enjoyed doing the Mitzvos of Yom Tov. Yehoshua was

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