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Haruach. He even learned a song to help remember! Chaim also learned each day by reviewing what he learned about Succos, discussing the different Halachos of Succah and practicing Kriah by reading the Parshiyos. Chaim finished Haazenu and Zos Habracha and even started Beraishis. He is really looking forward to getting his Chumash so he can begin learning! To top it off, Chaim got his first Aliyah on Simchas Torah and said the Brochos like a true Bachur! And of course, Chaim behaved so nicely throughout Yom Tov to allow Mommy and Abba to prepare and rest on Yom Tov!! Shmuel Shmidman is such a Mitzvah boy! My daughter, Leah, wanted a cracker so Shmuel went all the way back to his house and got her a cracker. He stopped playing just so my Leah would be happy. Isn't he the best? Thank you Shmuel! Succos is a long Yom Tov! To list all the Mitzvos that Eli [Blau] did would take lots and lots of paper! So we will highlight the Mitzvos special to the Yom Tov. Eli shook his Lulav and Esrog and walked around the Bima in shul with his 4 Minim. When Eli's Lulav "disappeared" from its place in shul, Eli did not get upset! He realized that someone took it accidently and it would be returned! It was - on Hoshana Rabba! He also danced and danced on Simchas Torah - he is feeling the excitement of getting his own Chumash soon. Eli also got an Aliya and said the Brochos loud and clear! We are so proud of our Tzaddik!

Dear Rabbi Moskowitz

Boruch Hashem, we had a beautiful Yom Tov. Thank you for teaching Yehoshua [Hoffman] so much about Succos! He performed the Mitzvos beautifully. Yehoshua was not in school the last two days before Yom Tov so we did not have the information and form to fill out for learning. Yehoshua davened beautifully from his Siddur each day of Yom Tov! In addition, he also read from Tehillim through Perek Gimmel and learned with Abba from a Chumash! We are so proud of Yehoshua! Although Reuvain (Schwartz) did not complete the entire Masmid chart, he did a lot of Kriah and learning with his father and is our big Masmid. He will be getting a prize from Mommy and Daddy, but we wanted to let you know how proud we are of him! We wanted to let you know how proud

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