The TA Times

Volume XXII Issue 24


Upcoming Events Sun, Jun 18- No Sessions for 2nd-5th Grade, No Sessions for Middle School Pre1A Graduation in MPR/Old Gym at 12:30pm Tues, Jun 20- Last Day - Early Childhood, 3:45pm Dismissal for 4th-5th grades Weds, Jun 21- 3:45pm Dismissal for 4th-5th grades Thurs, Jun 22 Last Day of School - Please be aware of dismissal times for your division Mesivta Graduation 7pm

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Camp Chofetz Chaim Schedule Mon, Jul 3- First day of 1st camp session Tues, Jul 4- No Camp, Legal Holiday Tues, Jul 11- No Camp, 17 Tammuz Fast Day Wed, Jul 26- Last day of 1st camp session Thurs, Jul 27- First Day of 2nd camp session Tues, Aug 1- No Camp, Tisha b?Av Fast Day Fri, Aug 18- Last Day of 2nd camp session

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Parnas hayom 11 Sivan- For the refuah shelaima of Tzvi Hirsch ben Chaya Leah 13 Sivan- For the refuah shelaima of Mayer


ben Leah



Mazel Tov Mrs. Renee Kaplan-Nadel on the birth of a granddaughter SAVE THE DATE! ???? ???? ????

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Dvar Chizuk

Parshas Beha?aloscha

Chazal tell us, ?Hai man daboi lemehevei chasida lekayaim mili d?avos?, in order for a person to achieve the level of Chasidus, which parenthetically is the level prior to Navius, one needs to synchronize his conduct and behaviors to that which is taught in Pirkei Avos. Our Chazal are clearly teaching us the importance of working on our Middos so that they go hand in hand with Yegia (effort) and Amailus B?Torah (toiling in Torah). We must clearly recognize that without achieving this aliya in middos, one cannot achieve anything worthwhile or meaningful in learning. Furthermore, the Tana D?vai Eliyahu asks the following question: What is expected of every single Yid when the Torah says and you should love Hashem your G-d with all your heart? The Tana D?vai Eliyahu translates the words ?and you should love? to mean and you should cause Hashem to be loved. This means that if you are a learned individual and your morals, ethics and conduct in life are such that all those who see you can say, this is a Ben Torah and I want to be like him and I want my children to be B?nai Torah too; then this individual has indeed made the biggest Kiddush Hashem, sanctification of Hashem?s name. If, however, one learns Torah, but people look with disdain at his middos and ethics, then Hashem?s name has, Rochmana Litzlan, been profaned. How fortunate we are that we are able to teach our children Torah and the ways of Hashem. However, we must always remember and consistently reinforce in ourselves and in our children this philosophy, that a Ben Torah is an individual that possesses appropriate middos and derech eretz, in addition to his learning. We must never tolerate, for any reason whatsoever, a lack of middos or derech eretz. If our children recognize that this is our expectation, then they will grow up to be mekayim the mitzvah of Veahavta Es Hashem Elokecha in the most utopian manner. As we approach the end of the year, we wish to commend our wonderful parent body for their devotion and Meseiras Nefesh to Torah and its ideals. ?Mi?Kiamcha Yisroel!? Who else besides Klal Yisroel lovingly offer so much Kochos, quality time, and effort to instill in their children the love of Hashem and Yiras Shomayim. May Hashem grant you much Nachas, health and happiness. Kudos and appreciation are extended to our dedicated faculty, Rebbeim, Morohs, Teachers and Assistants, along with the office, maintenance, and auxiliary staffs who work so diligently to instill in our precious kinderlach the chinuch and education which we treasure so dearly. I would like to offer my Hakoras Hatov to all the other Menahelim, Principals, Administrators, and Vaad and Board members. ?Al Rosham,? I specifically mention my esteemed peers, Mrs. Shoshana Berzon, Elementary General Studies Principal and Mrs. Beily Rosen, Early Childhood Director, who both work so closely to determine the best way to teach our children. Your joint efforts have made TA a citadel of Torah, nationally and internationally. May Hashem continue to shine His Countenance on us all. Good Shabbos, Rabbi Nachman Kahana Lower School Menahel CADEMY OF BALTIMORE 4445 OLD SUNDAY COURT RD · BALTIMORE, MD 21208



Parshas Beha?aloscha June 9, 2017


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