The TA Times

Volume XXII Issue 7


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24, Thur - Thanksgiving Day: Sunday schedule (Lower & Middle School) 25, Fri - Lower School: No Sessions, Middle School: Sunday Schedule 27, Sun- No Sessions, All divisions 24-27, Thur-Sun - Mesivta Off Shabbas, beginning Thursday 1pm 29, Tues- Lower School Parent Teacher Conferences, 3:45pm dismissal for 4th & 5th grades 5, Mon- Lower School Parent Teacher Conferences, 3:45pm dismissal for 4th & 5th grades

Parnes Hayom

13 Cheshvan- Sponsored anonymousely as a zechus refuah shelaima for Yehuda Leib ben Malka 17 Cheshvan- Mrs. Gail Katz in memory of her husband, Mr. Larry Katz Sponsor a day of learning by more than 1,050 talmidim of our Yeshiva. Not only will the Torah learning of our talmidim serve as a zechus for you and your loved ones, but your support will help us continue to educate future generations of Klal Yisrael. For more information, or to dedicate a day of learning, please contact Rabbi Yanky Lefkovitz at 410- 484-6600 x317 or email your request to

Dvar Chizuk

Parshas Vayeira

November 18, 2016 Parshas Vayeira In Parshas Vayeira, we read about Akeidas Yitzchak. If Avrohom Avinu was commanded directly by Hashem to bring his son as a Korban, what was the big ?test? that Avrohom Avinu had to pass? Would not any person who Hashem commanded to do something, even if it would be hard, gladly follow the gezairah of HaKadosh Baruch Hu? What exactly was the nisayon? In the classic work Drashos HaRan, in the 6th drasha, the Ran explains as follows: Hashem never commanded Avrohom to bring Yitzchok as a korban. He merely requested Avrohom to do so. The Posuk says: ?Kach na es bincha? ?Please take your son?? Hashem was hinting and asking Avrohom to do this act of true Mesirus Nefesh. This was the test! Would Avrohom Avinu be able to follow the will of Hashem even though he was not explicitly commanded to do so? As we know, of course, Avrohom Avinu passed this nisayon with a grade of A+! We see how important it is not only to keep the letter of the law but also to keep the ?spirit? of the law. We are often challenged with things that may perhaps comply with the Halacha but at the same time do not fit into the intent of the Halacha. This is certainly one of the concepts behind the idea of doing something Lefnim Meshuras Hadin, above the letter of the law. Look how much nachas the Ribono Shel Olam had from this one action of Avraham. In fact until this day we draw upon the merit of Avraham Avinu?s deed! People are always looking for zechuos, merits, for all types of issues; parnassa, gezunt, nachas, and shidduchim, just to mention a few. Perhaps if we try to do something ?above the letter of law?, just because it is the right thing to do, this would be a fabulous merit for us, our families and our entire community! Have a wonderful Shabbos, Rabbi Yaakov Schwartz Middle School Menahel

Parshas Vayeira November 18, 2016 1

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