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Volume XXII Issue 25


Upcoming Events Fri, May 19 - PTA Pizza & Box Tops Day Fri, May 19 - Sun, May 21: High School Off Shabbos Sun, May 21 - Camp Spring Discount Deadline Mon, May 29 - Memorial Day* Wed, May 31 - Thurs, June 1: Shavuos* *Please see school calendar for division schedules Mazel Tov Rabbi Chaim and Debby Kessler on the birth of a granddaughter Dr. and Mrs. Yaakov and Charnie Barak on the birth of a son Ms. Suri Friedman on her engagement to Mr. Mordechai Genut Parnas hayom 5 Iyar- The Ben-Natan family in memory of Rabbi Nahum Ben-Natan, HaRav Nachum Moshe ben Michoel Bentzion 6 Iyar- Dr. and Mrs. Josh and Itta Steiner in memory of Mr. Joseph Kahn, Yosef ben Moshe Hakohen 7 Iyar- Dr. and Mrs. Josh and Itta Steiner in memory of Mrs. Rochel Kahn, Rochel ben Moshe 7 Iyar- Rabbi and Mrs. Yitzchok Pollock in memory of Mr. Herbert Pollock, Chaim Michel ben Eliyahu Hakohen 8 Iyar- The Meth family in memory of Chaya Shaindel bas Yehuda

Dvar Chizuk


The Gemara says that the Parshios that discuss the Tochecha (rebuke and punishment), which describes in vivid detail the terrible calamities that would befall Klal Yisrael, need to be read both before Rosh Hashanah and before Shavuos. It is easy to understand the rationale of reading this portion before Rosh Hashanah. Chodesh Elul is a time for introspection and for doing tshuva in preparation for the Yomim Noraim. Yet, the Tochechah is again discussed in this week?s parsha ? Bechukosai ? and is read before our joyous holiday of Shavuos? the yom tov that commemorates Kabbalah Hatorah. I believe that there is a very poignant message to learn from this halachah. The Gemara relates that the First Bais Hamikdash was destroyed because the Jewish people were really wicked. They were guilty of the most vile aveiros (sins) and they also did not learn Torah. During the time of the Second Bais Hamikdash, as the Gemara relates, even the smallest child was expert in the very complicated laws of Halachos of Tuma and Taharah. Typically they also kept the mitzvos of the Torah. The reason for the destruction was because of Sinas Chinom. There was a lot of Loshon Horah and much divisiveness ?bain adom l?chaveiro? (between one Jew and another). Interesting to note, our Chachomim teach us that the Third Bais Hamikdash will be built with Ahavas Chinom! We must train ourselves to develop a sense of love and helpfulness towards Klal Israel. Perhaps this is the message of reading the Tochechah before Kabbalas Hatorah. The prerequisite for learning Torah is having Ahavah (love) for our fellow Jew. Indeed, a person can keep every single mitzvah of the Torah, a person can be continuously learning Torah, yet, if his ?bain Adam l?chaveiro? is lacking then, I believe, that his ?frumkeit? is lacking. Torah is a complete package. We must strive to make certain that neither ?bain adam l?chaveiro? nor ?bain adam l?Makom? are ever taking a back seat to each other. I received a call from a parent discussing an event he witnessed that took place at a League game. It seemed that someone else was not pleased that the coach made a call on a play that opposed that person?s child. That person proceeded to speak to the coach in a most demeaning and inappropriate manner. The bearer of this news was so troubled, not only feeling badly for the coach but also wondering what lessons were being taught to the children who viewed this interaction. Yes, this practice of reading the Tochechah before Kabbalas Hatorah is an eye-opener and a wake-up call. If we ever expect to elevate ourselves from the quagmire of this Galus, then we must constantly work on our Ahavas Israel and, Im Yirtzeh Hashem, our Ahavas Chinom will certainly bring about the Geulah! Gut Shabbos, Rabbi Nachman Kahana Lower School Menahel

Parshas Behar - Bechukosai May 19, 2017 1

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