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New & exciting updates every week, direct from our TA classrooms! This week in: Morah Honick?s and Morah Traub?s Pre 1a classes


Our Pre1a boys were visited by the Baltimore County Volunteer Fire Dept., as part of their unit on community helpers. The boys learned about fire safety and even got to tour the fire truck!

Middle School News

Julius Caesar Presentation

Togas, jugglers, and Roman pillars filled the auditorium of the Park Heights JCC as excitement built on Sunday, February 19th. Forty 7th and 8th presented Julius Caesar in Three Acts. They represented Roman nobility such as Caesar (Rafi Rose), Brutus (Ami Roth), Cassius (Avi Lowenthal), and Mark Antony (Shaul Baruch Flamm). There was no shortage of conspirators, intrigue, betrayal and murder! There were even two living statues (Yeshiya Silverman and Shlomo Shaw) and a very professional tech crew (Meir Soskil and Eliezer Lowenstein) as well as very competent prop and stage managers (Yehuda Green, Yanky Lowenbraun and Moisheleh Frand). The lights lowered and for one hour over 300 spectators were spellbound by classic narrators regaled in togas and modern narrators in casual clothes discussing events spun by William Shakespeare set in ancient Rome. Was Caesar too ambitious? Was Cassius worried that Caesar would become a tyrant? Was Brutus easily manipulated for the sake of honor? Mrs. Strimber?s 8th grade honors class confidently portrayed each character, each emotion, each dramatic moment culminating in world famous funeral speeches. With the professional theatrical guidance of Mrs. Miriam Bazensky and her colleague, Ms. Sharon Weaver, the TA rendition of Julius Caesar in Three Acts was a runaway success! Thank you so much to Mrs. Strimber for her countless hours of work devoted to this project and to the boys? success!

Parshas Ki Sisa March 17, 2017 3

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