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Volume XXII Issue 20


Upcoming Events Tues, Mar 28: Lower School Professional Development, 3:45 pm dismissal for 4-5th grade Pesach Schedule: Lower School: Sun, Apr 2: No Sessions Thurs-Weds, Apr 6-19: Pesach-No Sessions Thurs, Apr 20: Classes Resume Middle School: Thurs-Weds, Apr 6-19: Pesach-No Sessions Thurs, Apr 20: Classes Resume Mesivta: Sun, Apr 2: Dismissal 1pm Mon-Sun, Apr 3-23: Pesach Bein Hazmanim, No Sessions Mon, Apr 24: Summer Zman begins Mazel Tov Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Stefanie Olson on the birth of a granddaughter Parnas hayom 12 Adar- Dr. Josh and Itta Steiner in memory of their grandmother, Tziporah bas Manas, Felice Steiner 14 Adar- Harriet Siegel Miller in memory of her mother, Esther Raizel bas Reb Abba, Rose Siegel 18 Adar- In memory of Asher ben Aharon Yosef, Asher Prero, a beloved former learning rebbe Sponsor a day of learning by more than 1,050 talmidim of our Yeshiva. This is a fitting tribute in honor or in memory of a loved one, a zechus for a Refuah Sheleima, or to commemorate a special occasion or birthday. Not only will the Torah learning of our talmidim serve as a zechus for you and your loved ones, but your support will help us continue to educate future generations of Klal Yisroel. For more information, or to dedicate a day of learning, please contact Rabbi Yanky Lefkovitz at 410-484-6600 x317 or email your request to

Dvar Chizuk

Parshas Ki Sisa

In this week?s parsha, we read about the Machatitz Hashekel. This is the coin that was donated yearly to the Bais Hamikdash by each male between the ages of 20 and 60 and was used as a way to count the number of men in Klal Yisroel. The Medrash as quoted by Rashi tells us that HaKadosh Baruch Hu, Himself, showed Moshe what the coin should look like and in fact he displayed to Moshe a flaming half Shekel. What do we learn from this Medrash? Here are two ideas, taken from Seforim to help explain this Medrash: 1. When one donates his money for tzedakah he must give it with fire and passion. We should have a desire to help others. It is our zechus not a burden! Many times people come to us for help. It could be in our home or it could be in shul. If we are giving to them, let us give with zeal and happiness. Every Purim it is astounding to behold the amount of tzedakah that is given and that is distributed to our brethren. In Baltimore and throughout Klal Yisroel all over the world, millions and millions of dollars are collected and distributed on Purim ? BeSimcha! Here in Baltimore, toll booths are set up at various intersections in town. Instead of people trying to go around the ?toll booth?, people are making a traffic jam trying to pay the ?toll?!! How uniquely beautiful to our people! It is no mistake that we have an obligation to give tzedakah on the happiest day of the year! A lesson for us on how to give all year. 2. Money is like fire. Fire has the ability be an incredible force for producing things we need. Light, food, vessels, buildings etc. Fire, however when not checked and used properly can be totally destructive! It is an agent of annihilation. Money is to be used for constructive and positive goals and not Chas VeShalom in a way to destroy. These are just two of the lessons that Hashem was teaching Moshe and Klal Yisroel. May Hashem bless us all with abundant parnassah and may we have the chochma and simcha it takes to support His Torah and all of His people! Have a good $habbo$! Rabbi Yaakov Schwartz Middle School Menahel attention grandparents and special friends of ta preschool and elementary students:

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Parshas Ki Sisa March 17, 2017

Grandparents? day

Friday Morning, May 12

th 9:30 elementary / 10:00 preschool spend time with your grandchildren and feel the ta ruach! 1

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