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Moshe was a pure soul, with a


for Torah and fire within to grow and help others. It is astonishing that a 13 year old


could grow so much and touch so many people in such a positive way. Although we cannot do justice to Moshe and his life and legacy on this page, we dedicate the efforts of this event, and its Torah centered goals, to his memory. Moshe was a friend to everyone, from older adults to young children. He was a

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par excellance. He would always wait very patiently to speak to a Rebbe or a teacher. He was constantly looking to help others including his parents, Rebbeim, teachers and mostly friends. He always wanted to be involved in all types of chesed. This included Ahavas Yisroel, food distribution, Chai Lifeline and Tzedakah drives. If there was ever an opportunity to help others, Moshe was there. Moshe gave compliments to his peers, younger and older and gave 100% to everything he undertook! Moshe did not let anything distract him from accomplishing his goals. This was true even when dealing with situtaitions in which others would have ?given up? long ago. Perhaps each of us can choose one of the special qualities that Moshe, a?h embodied and incorporate them in our daily lives. This would be a great us! for Moshe, and a great merit for


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