D?var Chizuk

The story is told of an old Rov who was starting to feel worn down after many years of faithful service to his community. ommunity He lamented to his wife that he was torn by the dilemma of, on one hand, the need to serve his kehilla and, on the other hand, the need to take care of his health. After much thought, he and his wife decided that he should retire and move to a smaller community, which would allow him an easier work load; however, they would fi rst seek permission from his loyal followers before pursuing this move.

May 28, 2009 Vol. 1 Issue 1

With a heavy h heart, the Rov gathered his people to present his hi idea. The community, which had benefi ted from the Rov?s R years of dedicated service, of course understood his plight and granted his request. It was the least th they could do for their beloved Rov and Rebbetzin. be in Th The Rov then returned home to his wife with the bittersweet news of the positive result of the meeting. After months of searching, the Rov found a part-time, and relatively undemanding, position in a small town. The Rov and the Rebbetzin packed up their belongings and planned for the emotional day of their departure. Their followers also prepared for the departure of

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