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34 argo group gold Cup
orgAniSing CommiTTee
Regatta Chairman ? Past Commodore Brian W. Billings
Vice Chairman Finance ? Past Commodore P. Leslie Crane
Commodore ? Ralph E. Richardson
Immediate Past Commodore ? Andrew F. Cox
Past Commodore ? P. Somers Cooper
Principal Race Officer ? David Campbell-James, IRO
Umpire Liaison ? Vice Commodore S. Peter Shrubb
Chief Umpire ? Jan Stage
Deputy Chief Umpire ? T. David Pyron
Regatta Manager ? Jay Cameron Hooper
Elspeth Brewin - Bermuda
Brad Dellenbaugh ? USA
Robert Duffy ? Bermuda
Bill Edgerton ? Great Britain
Past Commodore R.W. Kempe ? Bermuda
Henry Menin ? USVI
T. David Pyron ? USA
Alfredo Ricci ? Italy
Vice Commodore S. Peter Shrubb ? Bermuda
Jan Stage ? Denmark
rACe CommiTTee
Earl Campbell
Jenny Campbell-James
Peter Carfoot
Francis Carter
Past Vice Commodore W. Keith Hollis
Patrice Horner
Anne Hyde
Eddie Rance
David Semos
Lisa Siese
H. Ross Spurling
Junior gold Cup CommiTTee
Chairman ? Past Commodore P. Somers Cooper
PRO ? H. Charles Tatem
regATTA Sub-CommiTTee
Housing ? Sarah Nicholls
Boat Repairs ? Triangle Rigging
Regatta Assistant ? Alexandra Capes
Registration ? Janice Duffy
Registration ? Carol Feathers
Medical and Safety ? Dr. Stephen Sherwin
Merchandise ?Mary Bouchard
The royAl bermudA yAChT Club FlAg oFFiCerS
& exeCuTiVe CommiTTee
Commodore ? Ralph E. Richardson
Vice Commodore ? S. Peter Shrubb
Rear Commodore ? Jonathan P. Brewin
Rear Commodore ? Tyrone L. Chin
Honorary Secretary ? Andrew Burnett-Herkes
Treasurer ? Paul B. Hubbard
royAl bermudA yAChT Club STAFF
General Manager ? David J. Furtado
Assistant Secretary ? Donna Heslop
Financial Controller ? Lorraine Adderley
Head Chef ? Anthony McMahon
Marina Manager ? Phil Worboys
Sailing Secretary ? Audrey Pope
Event Commentator ? Dobbs Davis
Public Relations ? Talbot Wilson
Photographer ? Charles Anderson
Webmaster ? David McCreary
Printing ? The Bermudian Publishing Company
donATion oF CompeTiTor iod boATS
Past Commodore B.W. ?Jordy? Walker
Eugene ?Penny? Simmons
Richard S. Thompson
David Ashton
Gaylord Trust
George Cubbon
Kevin Horsfield

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