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When things take a bad turn in the outdoors, a life-or-death situation can quickly spring up. Insouciance, lack of knowledge or overconfidence can lead to circumstances that could be (easily) avoided. The story of Aron Ralston (which was just brought to the silver screen in Danny Boyle's 127 Hours) serves as a reminder of the dramatic consequences a simple trek, even in a familiar environment, can have. As I write these lines, about 15 people who've seen the movie have blacked ThE calliNg Of ThE wild, This dEsirE fOr adrENaliN-fillEd advENTurEs Or ThE quEsT fOr ThE pErfEcT ski liNE caN bE sTrONgEr ThaN aNyThiNg ElsE. out during the scene where Ralston cuts off his own arm. The place where he got trapped was familiar to him, but he made the mistake of not telling anyone where he was going and when he'd be back. Simple, but crucial. For five days, he tried unsuccessfully to move the rock that was holding him captive. On the sixth day, delirious, he broke the bones in his arm and cut the rest of it with his knife. Please don't faint here. Mountaineering history books are filled with such unbelievable tales. Even seasoned guides sometimes take fewer precautions and more risks when they leave alone, without a group to take care of. These kinds of faux pas aren't just made by the most audacious types. Two Publisher: Stéphane Corbeil ( editor: Christian Lévesque ( senior editor: Patricia Gajo ( Contributors: Alexis Botaya, Bryen Dunn, Alexander Joo, Ashley Joseph, Mathieu Lamarre, Maureen Littlejohn, Mélanie Mantha, Vanessa Muri, Stephania Varalli and Varial. Proofreader: Christopher Korchin translator: Christine Laroche Cover Photo: Katie Shackelford ski touring in Snowbird, Utah. © Scott Markewitz / Aurora Photos design: Sève Création, Website: editorial dePartment: 514-277-3477 / advertising: Marie-Annick Lamber, Sales Consultant / 514-277-3477, ext. 28 Jean-François Vadeboncoeur, Sales Consultant / 514-277-3477, ext. 27 Winter 2010 :: Vol. 2 :: No. 4 years ago, I was in the Chic-Choc Mountains for a weekend of backcountry skiing with friends. During our last night, a storm dropped a foot of fresh powder that almost convinced us to stay there for a few more turns. When looking at my emails at the office the next day, the news of a skier who died in an avalanche not far from where we were 24 hours earlier made me think of what could have happened to us if we had skied there. Our story of two skiers who provoked an avalanche in a remote area of the Rockies (see page 20) is another example of an adventure that could have taken a tragic turn. The call of the wild, this desire for adrenalin-filled adventures or the quest for the perfect ski line can be stronger than anything else. In Quebec, 49 percent of the population hike at least once a year. Among them, little more than half (58 percent) hike over 10 times per year. That leaves about 40 percent of hikers venturing into nature with very little experience. In remote places, carrying your mobile phone, having a topographical map of the region, camping where you are to wait for a rescue mission and being as visible as possible are simple actions that can end up saving your life. Go outside, play and let this magazine serve as an inspiration. But stay alert: Expect nothing, yet be prepared for everything. You never know what might come your way. Christian Lévesque, Editor Follow me on Twitter: @chrislevesque distribution: Elyzabeth Bouchard, Production Coordinator / 514-277-3477, ext. 30 mailing address: Groupe Espaces Inc 911 Jean Talon St. E., Suite 205 Montreal (Quebec) H2R 1V5 CirCulation: 60,000 copies distributed to outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. ADVENTURA is published four times a year by Groupe Espaces Inc. artiCle submissions: ADVENTURA welcomes editorial and photo submissions, which must be sent by e-mail only. Contact the Editor to discuss. ADVENTURA is not responsible for articles, photographs or any other material sent to its attention. If you do not keep a copy of ADVENTURA magazine for your personal archives, please give it to a friend or recycle it.The opinions expressed are those of the authors and are not necessarily shared by Groupe Espaces Inc. Some of the activities reported on in ADVENTURA could entail injury risks for anyone engaging in them. ADVENTURA and its reporters, contributors, photographers and other staff members do not recommend the practice of these activities by anyone who does not have the required skills and technique. ADVENTURA is not responsible for the information contained in advertisements. Any reproduction of material published in ADVENTURA is prohibited without the expressed consent of Groupe Espaces Inc.

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