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Purchase ELECTROLYSIS ATTRACTIVE IMAGES (860)645-7775 Perm. Hair Removal w/ Sterile Disposable Probes. 5 min. from Buckland Mall! Catherine Colletti, CPE HOLISTIC HEALING BODY BLISS (860)268-5388 NOW OPEN!! The studio for Yoga, Dance and Fitness. 192 Hartford Rd, Manchester.



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Member of the International Hearing Society (IHS) Board Certified & State Licensed 30 Day Trial Period ? Financing Available. Most makes and models of digital hearing aids available with FREE demonstrations. Expert service & repair on all makes. In Home & Evening appointments Available! Hearing Aids To Fit Any Budget Phone: 860.257.9993 ' 2301 Silas Deane Highway P, Rocky Hill, CT 06067

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348 Hartford Turnpike (RT30). VERNON, CT (new Alliance building inside Visual Perceptions) 1-800-835-2001 BERKOWITZ, NORTON , PHD, CHT Lose Weight Easily Without Feeling Hungry. Stop Smoking In One Hour. Excellent Results. Release Stress, Fears, & Phobias Through Hypnosis 860-875-1969 EASTERN CT. HYPNOTHERAPY CENTER Weight loss, stop smoking, pain management, stress, etc. (860)643-4205 THE MANCHESTER INSTITUTE FOR HYPNOSIS....649-1478 Offering sessions in the privacy of your own home. Evening & Saturday appointments avail. Linda Diggins-Domina, RN, CH. DR. KENNETH WICHMAN MANCHESTER PODIATRY CENTER, P.C. Podiatric Medicine & Foot Surgery 117 East Center Street ? Manchester ? 649-3338 Pinched Nerve Bunion Heel Spur 0CP



Bone Spur Hammertoe Ingrown Toenail Plantar Callus Warts Participating In Most Health Plans East Hartford May 6, 2009 PAGE 15


In response to ?REMEMBER??: Are you aware that there currently is and has been a war in Afghanistan? I don?t understand why people like you say that Bush gave Osama bin Laden a ?get out of jail free? card.


I understand that you don?t want to clutter your vehicle with empty coffee cups or beer cans. Littering is fine, folks, but please wait until you are pulling into your own driveway to do it! The townspeople did a great job a few weeks ago by pitching in and picking up all the litter by the sides of our roads. The next day, I noticed several beer and soda cans that had been tossed out of windows. I am so disgusted by the human race.


Something confuses me, maybe somebody can clear this up for me. Over six million people in this country are out of a job, homes are getting foreclosed, credit cards are in default, we have an incompetent and socialist president, but there are millions around the world who believe that on Dec. 21, 2012, the world will come to an end. That?s less than three years away! So don?t pay your taxes this year ? it takes the IRS longer than that to figure out you haven?t paid anyway ? max out your credit cards and give those worthless bill collectors something to do for the next three years, and then just sit back and enjoy your last years on Earth. Just some friendly advice from your neighborhood oracle. In response to ?KEEP THEM HOME?: I totally disagree! My son goes to a preschool here in town, a preschool only, not a day care, and he is thriving! The social experience has done him wonders! He has learned to listen and follow directions from someone other than his mother. He will be prepared for kindergarten for sure.



Why is it that when I take my bicycle out on weekends to run my errands, I get so many funny looks from people? I like to get exercise, save fuel and pollution by not using my car. I have been asked by people if I do not have a license and ?Where is your car?? Don?t people understand that in most parts of the world, bicycling is the best bet to get around? But even though people look at me as if something is wrong with me, I feel good. I am in real good shape for my age and I do not have any health issues. I am thankful that I do not have to have a handicapped sticker because I am overweight.


In response to ?DANGER AHEAD?: Thank you! The spending is out of control. It makes no difference if you are a Democrat or Republican, whether you supported Bush or support Obama. The policies are the same: spend, spend, spend, and worry about it later. We are being faced with debt that we will never be able to pay back. There is no ?change? going on here, and we still continue to trust these politicians when all they do is lie to us.


In response to ?CHILD-FREE?: Just remember, dumb people talk about other people, smart people talk about events and geniuses talk about ideas... So do you really want to complain about these people or rationalize a way to make it stop?


In response to ?USE THE SIGNALS?: Don?t follow so close!


If the Obamas really wanted a pooch, they would have gone to the Humane Society to adopt a dog whose owners were forced to give it up due to home foreclosure. More Speak Out elsewhere in this issue. You can submit Speak Out at . Comments on local political or town issues can be submitted as Letter to the Editor also at .

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