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Nettie Walt early donor to first hospital

In This House of Healing, a history of Prince Edward County?s hospital, author Alan R. Capon recorded that in 1908 the Sir Thomas Picton Chapter of the Imperial Order of Daughters of the Empire initiated the first concrete action towards its establishment. It was moved that all entertainment monies be contributed to this cause. Eventually, the IODE raised a total of $10,429.93 for this purpose. Although this may have represented the first concrete move in establishing a county hospital, it was a spinster named Sarah Minetta Walt who took the initial step by setting the goal. In her will, she bequeathed $2,000 towards establishment of a hospital

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Way Back When with the proviso that work begin before 1918. This condition was met and, through the contributions of many local organizations and private donors the hospital opened in the spring or 1919. Little is known of Sarah Minetta Walt, the woman who recognized an urgent need for a hospital in Prince Edward County and willed a generous sum to assist in making it a reality. Miss Walt, or ?Nettie? as she was known, was born in Ameliasburg in 1851 and died in Picton, in 1903. Available records indicate that she was a relative of Eliza Jane Warren, wife of R.J. Skinner. Following Skinner?s death, Eliza wed Stewart Brown. The marriage was short-lived, for she died four years later, at the age of 80. At her death, she was interred with her first husband, in the Skinner plot in Picton?s Glenwood Cemetery. It was here that Nettie Walt, had been buried only a few years earlier. Although the Skinner monument is large and impressive, with space for numerous inscriptions, Miss Walt?s name was never added. Her final resting place is unmarked, except for a small footstone engraved


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969-8862 or visit online If you would like to submit the name of someone who gives freely of their time and talents to our community, please send details and contact information to: with the single name ?Nettie?. This oversight seems curious, in light of the fact that her bequest to the hospital indicates that she had a substantial estate for a maiden lady of 1903. Her bequest towards the establishment of Picton?s first hospital was formally recognized, in 1928, by its board of directors. A commemorative bronze plaque dedicated to Miss Walt?s memory was erected at the old Hill Street hospital. When the new, 58-bed hospital on Main Street East

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