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A look at the 4 hospitals in our region - Campbellford Memorial Hospital, Belleville General Hospital, Trenton Memorial Hospital and Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital

Arnie?s Story of Campbellford Memorial Hospital

Everyone reading this article has probably visited a hospital. It may be for yourself or you may have gone with a loved one but the experience forms an impression of the building that will last for a very long time. The residents of Trent Hills and surrounding area are fortunate to have Campbellford Memorial Hospital in our community providing compassionate and expert care to its patients. The following is a story about what this care meant to Arnie Watkins. Watkins was a patient at CMH in January of this year. Watkins readily admits he doesn?t remember too much after he arrived at CMH Emergency Department but what he does remember is the care he received was calm, reassuring, confident and professional and it saved his life. ?The quick thinking Emergency Department at CMH saved my life!? said Watkins. Watkins was experiencing heartburn and indigestion. He couldn?t seem Arnie Watkins tells about a trip to Campbellford Memorial Hospital?s Emergency Department that ended with surgery and Watkins saying ?The quick thinking Emergency Department at CMH saved my life!? ?It is our community of donors and their unwavering support that makes this happen.? Calvin Newman

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to get things under control and decided to go to the hospital. Shortly after arriving at CMH he was called to the Triage Desk to speak with the Nurse. Once he described his symptoms and the Nurse did the initial assessment he was immediately rushed to an ED Patient Room. He remembers the medical staff being calm and efficient and they immediately began some additional testing. Watkins recalls one staff member saying to him, ?Arnie you did the right thing by coming to the hospital. We?re going to take care of you.? Watkins was having a serious heart episode. Based on his symptoms and additional testing, the Physician in the ED knew it had to be treated right away. In less than an hour Watkins was in an ambulance enroute to the Peterborough Regional Health Centre for surgery. When Watkins arrived Cardiologist Dr. John Reesor put stents in two of his arteries. A stent is a small mesh tube that?s used to treat narrow or weak arteries that carry blood away from your heart to other parts of your body. The procedure is called percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), but is more commonly known as coronary angioplasty. Watkins has led a very interesting life. He was born in the old Campbellford Hospital, but raised in Norwood. He?s a carpenter by trade. A job that has taken him to Western Canada, Nunavut and he even spent four years in Russia building homes in an oil town. His passion for the past 30 years has been painting, something he comes naturally to as a fifth generation artist. More recently he has also enjoyed life as ?Poppa? to his two and a half year old grandson. Mike Gorman R.N. is screening Amanda Low at the Emergency Department in Campbellford Memorial Hospital. Gorman is showing empathy and reassuring Low that she has done the right thing by coming into Emergency. All the Emergency Department are expert and caring. Having retired to Trent Hills a few years ago, Watkins says he has a pretty good life. Watkins was in the hospital for about a week after the surgery. Speaking with him today he says he?s never felt better. He continues to take care of himself with exercise, watches his diet carefully and has no trouble keeping up with his active Grandson. Watkins admits he was a long time smoker, but quit following this life-changing incident. He says it wasn?t easy, but encourages others to do the same. Watkins doesn?t hesitate to tell anyone that the Emergency Department staff at CMH saved his life. Throughout the whole incident, he says he was never scared and always felt he was in good hands. He says ?this is our local hospital ? unfortunately we?re all going to visit it at some time in our lives, I urge you to support it with your donations?. Donations made to Campbellford Memorial Hospital from grateful patients like Watkins mean that CMH health care professionals will continue to have access to the critical diagnostic tools and the patient care equipment they need to ensure more happy stories like Watkins. It?s true?support from donors like


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282 Dundas St. East (beside Dairy Queen) Trenton ? 613-394-5555

The emergency rooms at Campbellford Memorial Hospital are well equipped. In the picture Mike Gorman R.N. is assessing Amanda Low?s injuries. When coming to the emergency department every person is looked after as soon as possible. Delays happen when more life threatening cases come in, taking precedence. you help save lives at CMH. Calvin Newman, Chair of the Foundation (Volunteer) Board of Directors, said ?I am awestruck by the number of generous donors that support CMH and for their understanding the importance of a well-equipped local hospital! It is our community of donors and their unwavering support that makes this happen.? Here are some of the ways you can help CMH. 1) Donating in gratitude for care received at CMH; 2) Making a major gift (donating appreciated stocks is popular because the donor pays no capital gains tax but receives the full tax benefit); 3) Participating in events like Bike Up Northumberland! This coming September; 4) Through a bequest in your Will; 5) Giving through a direct mail appeal, and/or 6) Donating In Honour or In Memory of a loved one. If you wish to donate contact the Campbellford Memorial Hospital Foundation at 705 653-1140 ext. 2104.

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