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you that your OEM rubber bushings will "wear quickly and cause a mushy ride". While this is true in the long run, the brand new, stock rubber components are mushier than the replacement urethane parts from Energy Suspension. While the Wrangler JK, 2007-up, is well designed to tackle rough terrain on the off days, and commuting to work other days, it can be improved on. Even off the showroom floor the stock suspension components, body mounts and other rubber parts are already beginning to deteriorate. Ozone, dirt, oil and other nasty things are hard at work from day one, trying to eat away at your Jeep's isolation components. (All rubber parts on a vehicle are there to isolate you from vibrations, bumps and jarring as you go down the road). Sure, this can take years of normal use, but if you were a normal vehicle owner, you wouldn't own a Jeep. Besides improving long-term durability, there are two other main reasons to upgrade to Energy's urethane components. First, they stiffen up the ride. Second, if you want, you can Here's the array of different bushings that Energy Suspension offers for the JK. As of press time, they do not offer a Master Set kit with all these components in it and the 1-inch taller than stock body mounts together. 20 / ORA JANUARY 2012 make all the new components RED, for a cool, non-stock look. Oh, one other thing, the body mounts are available in stock and 1-inch longer than stock lengths. The longer than stock will allow for a slightly taller tire without modifying the suspension height or factory spring rate. These are complete body mounts, not body mount spacers. A set of Energy Suspension body mounts and some coil spacers can give you enough space to go a full plus-one on your tire size without any other modifications. Check with your local 4 Wheel Parts or 4WD Hardware specialists for more information on this. So, you want to know how hard it is to install a complete Energy Suspension bushing and mount kit on your JK? The answer is quite easy if you are a DIY type and have about half-a-day and all the correct tools. Take a look here and we'll show you the highlights of what it takes, and offer some trips and tricks for those who want to do the wrenching themselves. Even in stock trim, a 2007-11 Jeep Wrangler JK can benefit from the upgrade to Energy Suspension bushings and body mounts. The 1-inch over stock body mount will even add a little more space for slightly taller tires, without the need to modify your suspension in any way. SOURCES Energy Suspension energysuspension.com 4 Wheel Parts 800-284-9840 www.4Wheelparts.com 4WD Hardware 800-555-3353 www.4WD.com

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