Includes World Première Recordings Leonardo BALADA (b. 1933) Symphony No. 6 ?Symphony of Sorrows? 1? Concerto for Three Cellos and Orchestra ?A German Concerto? 2? Steel Symphony 3 Hans-Jakob Eschenburg, Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt Michael Sanderling, Cellos 2 ? Galicia Symphony Orchestra 1 Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra 2 ? Eivind Gullberg Jensen 2 Barcelona Symphony Orchestra 3 ? Jesús López-Cobos 1,3 ? WORLD PREMIÈRE RECORDINGS The ?romantic avant-gardism? of Barcelona-born Leonardo Balada pairs complex techniques with a very direct emotional impact. These characteristics have often been employed in exploring the impact of historical events, none more so than the wars of the 20th century. Symphony No. 6 ?Symphony of Sorrows? (Dedicated to the Innocent Victims of the Spanish Civil War) embeds traditional melodic ideas in a coruscating single-movement exploration of the tragedies of war. The Steel Symphony reflects the sonorities ? in an abstract, non-programmatic way ? of Pittsburgh?s steel foundries, while the Concerto for Three Cellos, inspired by Germany?s recovery after two catastrophic world wars, combines complex techniques in a vivid work of almost surrealistic transformations. 8.573298 1 CD Playing Time: 59:54 7 47313 32987 8 Sales Points ? Balada marries advanced techniques with traditional melodies, which creates a powerful sense of immediacy and emotional intensity in his music. He often touches on historical themes, such as the Spanish Civil War, which he does in the Symphony No.6, which links it to his orchestral work Guernica, also on the same subject. He is represented on several Naxos releases: Guernica is coupled with Zapata and Symphony No.4 on 8.557342 and there are concertos and orchestral works in the catalog as well ? the Concerto No.3 for instance is included in an all-Balada release in the 21 st Century Classics series, issued over a decade ago. Supplementary Promotional Material ? Podcast (Available December) Companion Titles 8.572176 8.557342 8.573047 8.557049 Franz LISZT (1811-1886) Works for Violin and Piano Duo Sonata on Polish Themes The Three Gypsies ? 2 Elegies Grand duo concertant on Lafont?s ?Le marin? Voytek Proniewicz, Violin ? Wojciech Waleczek, Piano Franz Liszt wrote relatively little chamber music in his long and illustrious career. The Duo Sonata is a tribute to Chopin, drawing on one of his famous Mazurkas as well as other Polish themes. The gracefully charming Epithalamium was Liszt?s wedding present to the great violinist Eduard Reményi, for whom the gipsy style of Die drei Zigeuner was also intended. The two lyrical Elegies commemorate the passing of members of Liszt?s circle, while the demandingly virtuoso variations of the Grand Duo concertant make no concessions to either player. 8.573145 1 CD Playing Time: 70:01 7 47313 31457 7 Voytek Proniewicz Wojciech Waleczek Sales Points ? Best known for his remarkable piano, vocal and orchestral works, Liszt?s chamber music is relatively unfamiliar but is highly entertaining, tending to avoid the heavier romanticism of his more extensive solo pieces. This sparkling new recording brings together two star performers. Awardwinning violinist Voytek Proniewicz has already appeared on one of our Pupils of Chopin albums (8.572460), and winner of the 1997 Ferenc Liszt National Piano Competition in Wroc?aw. Wojciech Waleczek, is recognized internationally as a pianist with uncompromisingly high standards in performance. © Damian Porter Companion Titles © Przemek Pas?nik 8.573011 8.570562 8.570516 8.509004 9

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