J.T. Danko ('10)

resourceful teamwork

By Harry Atwood ('87) J.T. Danko ('10) checks the wheel on the supermileage vehicle he helped build in the JMU Alternative Fuels Lab. J.T. danko's intramural volleyball team did not win a single game during the regular season this past spring. Then, as if scripted by dreamWorks studios, the team went undefeated through the playoffs, pulling off the greatest comeback in ... well, in the history of UReC's coed intramural outdoor sand-volleyball league. danko can't resist a grin and a pump of his fist at the memory. "it was great - a total Cinderella story." danko, an integrated science and technology major with concentrations in environment and biotechnology, seems more eager to talk about that volleyball team than the 60-pound supermileage vehicle sitting back in the corner of the JMU alternative Fuels Lab. This vehicle is the product of danko, danny Yeh and david Roy's senior thesis, and proof of the time, study and effort put forth by this senior trio. danko gives me a pair of safety glasses to put on and then guides me to the back corner of the machine shop past a purple, threewheeled chopper and a somewhat plain electric pickup truck used by JMU grounds crews and maintained in the alternative Fuels Lab about a mile from campus. The supermileage vehicle, on this day, is still very much a work in progress. The black chassis (cannibalized from a similar vehicle) is held about two inches off the ground by three sleek bicycle tires. Thin copper wires arc and taper like fish bones outlining what will be the framework for the body made of a type of shrink-wrap for boats. strips of wood with putty and goopy looking glue trim out the framework and provide the mounts for the copper wires. i comment on its slapdash appearance, and danko smiles, taking delight in the team's resourcefulness. a modest budget of $500 required the team to be creative. "We've been using whatever we can get our hands Madison Magazine P hotograP hs by M ike M iriello ('09M)

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