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"Having attended five college presentations within a weeks time during the past year, JMU stood out as being by far the most impressive and I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't seem sincerely happy to be there, as a student or employee...."

- Lu a n n e KoL L e da ('07, '08, '12, '14P) To read more about parents favorite things about JMU, see sidebar on Page 4. Office of Parent Relations 220 University Blvd., MSC 3605 Harrisonburg, VA 22807 (540) 568-3190 www.jmu.edu/parents/

F a m i l y C o n n e C t i o n

Did you Know?

The Office for Off Campus Life have the answers

by Alex Adjei Coordinator of the Office of Off Campus Life as parents, you've answered a lot of questions over the years: Why's the sky blue? Where does milk come from? How do fish breathe under water? You're in the business of knowing answers. In that spirit, the Office of Off Campus Life has put together the following answers to help guide you this fall. Did you know... Your student will likely talk to you about next year's housing during the first week and/or month of school. Your student may be helped by the office for Off Campus Life (OCL) and/or the Office of Residence Life (ORL). OCL offers a housing list that is often helpful to students. OCL has a program that can help waive the charge (ranging from $375 - $600) for utility deposits for students. Students must find housing on campus as a freshman. Students may opt to stay on campus for their second year. Students may feel perfectly happy at school making new strides and changes or they may feel a little homesick. Experienced faculty and staff are on hand to help address homesick feelings. An increase in stress associated with college life may lead students to seek parental support. With physical separation, some parents experience less conflict with their students. The office for Off Campus Life offers free conflict resolution/mediation for students. Adjusting to more independent living may act as a "development marker" - a place where students enter the adult world. We - the institution, staff and faculty - are grateful that your students are here at James Madison University. For more information visit www.jmu.edu/ocl or call (540) 568-6071. M

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