Opening Ceremony: What Kind of Friend Am I and When?

Gather the girls in a circle and ask them to take turns answering the question, What kind of friend am I?, and give an example of when the friendship type they?ve identified comes through strongest. (Example: I am a role model when my younger sister asks me for advice about a difficult situation.)

Friendships on the Little Screen

Now?s the time for the girls to watch the TV show (or watch/read another media of their choice) they?ve selected so they can identify and tally the types of friendships portrayed in it. After the viewing, get the girls talking about what they?ve seen and tallied. You might ask:


Is it sometimes hard to label a friendship as just one type? LET THE GIRLS DO THE NAMING Pages 12?13 of the girls? book lists various types of friendships the Seniors are likely to encounter, and the different purposes often tied to friendships: ? acquaintance ? group friend ? good friend ? confidante ? networking friend ? role model ? mentor ? advisor 3 WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE . . .


Are some friendships several types? (For example, do confidante and mentor sometimes overlap in the same friendship?)


When can friendships being more than one type pose difficulties? (Example: You?re dating your lab partner and you break up right before the final experiment is due.)


Which types of friendships do you see in your own life?


Which types of friendship don?t you have now but would like to add to your life? Keep these types and purposes handy as the girls hold their opening ceremony, but let the girls come up with their own friendship types?the list here is by no means definitive! 45

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