Figuring out friendships?of all kinds!?adds to the Seniors? growing confidence. 3 SAMPLE SESSION 3

With Friends Like These . . .

WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE . . . MAKING THE MOST OF THE GIRLS? BOOK Chapter 1 of the girls? book, ?Me + Friendship,? will offer the girls a good background for the activities and discussions in this session. Pages 10?11, girls? book



The Seniors gain a better understanding of the importance various types and levels of friendships play in their lives.


Opening Ceremony: What Kind of Friend Am I and When?


Friendships on the Little Screen


Further or Fizzle: Friendship Role-Play


Sisterhood Snack: Perfect Pairings


Creating a Short List for Sisterhood


Closing Ceremony: Thank You, Sister!


Project Planner

COACHING TOWARD THE SISTERHOOD AWARD The girls get started on a short list of sisterhood issues in this session, so continue to make use of the Coaching Tips on page 42 to guide them to a meaningful project that will promote sustainable change. And use the Project Planner on pages 50?53 to keep track of all they accomplish.


? Friendships on the Little Screen: DVD of TV show the girls plan to watch and DVD player and screen; or Web link and computer with Internet connection (if possible, projector and viewing screen) ? Sisterhood Snack: the food pairings your Network prepared ? Creating a Short List for Sisterhood: large piece of paper and marker, or chalkboard or whiteboard; copies of ?What Makes a Great Sisterhood Project,? page 49 of this guide



Set up the DVD or Web link for the TV show the girls have decided on for ?Friendships on the Little Screen.?


Assemble or finish prepping ingredients for ?Perfect Pairings.? 44

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