The Sisterhood Award

THE SISTERHOOD AWARD WHERE MIGHT GIRLS FIND A SISTERHOOD ISSUE? The best place to look for a sisterhood issue is in a sisterhood. The girls might start with their Girl Scout council and then check out the larger sisterhood of the World Organization of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). On the WAGGGS Web site ( take_action), they can find ways Girl Scouts and Girl Guides are taking action on a global scale. Also, the sample Sisterhood Projects throughout the girls? book suggest sisterhood issues to tackle. They also step the girls through how to plan a Sisterhood Project that will have positive impact: Finding the Beauty in Images of Beauty, p. 20 Call Out That Inner Beauty, p. 32 Friendship Mentorship, p 43 Friendship Mixer p. 56 But the sample projects are just that?samples. Encourage the girls to use their creativity to find their own by asking around: What issues are women and girls passionate about in their community? On this journey, Seniors have the opportunity to earn the Sisterhood Award, a leadership award that has them exploring the three keys: Discover, Connect, and Take Action! To earn the award, the girls define a sisterhood issue, create a plan for how to Take Action on that issue, and then Take Action!

The Sisterhood Award

What it means for Seniors: Girls understand the power of sisterhood in their own lives and in the world. As with all leadership awards earned on Girl Scout journeys, the Sisterhood Award gives girls the planing, teamwork, and networking skills they need to pursue the Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest award in the Girl Scouts. The steps to the Sisterhood Award are listed below and detailed on pages 68?73 of the girls? book. You?ll find a Sisterhood Award icon throughout the Sessions plans to indicate those journey activities that move girls toward the award.


1. Define a Sisterhood Issue for Yourself 4. Logistics Time! 2. Develop Your Mission! 5. Creating the Project Timeline 3. Make the Big Decisions! No matter what issue the girls tackle, keep in mind that a great Sisterhood Project gives them the opportunity to:


and think about a sisterhood issue they?ve never thought about before


out what they can do about a sisterhood issue they care about


and talk to new people (and that expands their sisterhood!)


how to focus efforts, so they get results despite obstacles


some change that keeps on going even after they?re done


back and say, ?I made this change happen!? be a true example of sisterhood in action! 12

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