Hang a poster-size copy of your project chart in your gathering space and then:

Set aside some time for reflection.

If you could keep your project going, what would you continue? What would you change?

Write a community proclamation.

Write a proclamation to continue your commitment to the community. Frame it and present it to the organizers you teamed with.

Clap your hands and say thanks.

Each person gets a chance to stand up and say who she thanks for assisting her with this Take Action Project. After each name, clap your hands and say, ?Yeah!? Make it as exciting and loud as you can! Make it a massive cheer! End, if you feel like it, with a mutual back patting and a friendship squeeze.

Make a Project Day scrapbook.

It?s great to keep a record of all you?ve accomplished. Collect all your memories, photos, notes, and souvenirs in a project scrapbook. Then get together as a group and self-publish the book. Present it to each other, to your adult volunteer, and all the great people you partnered with.

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