You?ve reached out, you?ve spoken out, and you?ve tried out. You?ve seen how creative and powerful both roles and stories can be. Maybe you?ve found some new roles you want to play in your life. With all the new creativity you have, take time to think about all the ways you?re a leader in every part of your life. As you tried on new roles, what did you discover about yourself and the values you live by? What did you enjoy most about connecting with others beyond your Junior group? How did educating and inspiring others also educate and inspire you? What would you like to inspire people to do next?

Walk down the red carpet. Give autographs by signing your sister Juniors? aMUSE journey books. Give a wave to the aMUSE-ing Muses?and all your personal muses who helped you every step of the way! And have fun MUSE-ing about what you want your next role to be!

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