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How about an

Olympic athlete,

or a

jet pilot,

or a

professional dancer,

or a

crime-solving detective?

What would it be like to run a fashion magazine, and be the one who decides what clothes to photograph? Or be a veterinarian, or the town mayor, or an engineer who finds a solution to pollution? Would these roles change the story you could tell about yourself? Would they change how you feel about yourself? Would you feel stronger? Would you walk taller? Would you speak more confidently? There?s only one way to find out! This journey called


is all about stories. It?s also all about having fun trying on roles, and being a leader who stretches herself to play new parts. You?ll be turning acting into action, too, by inspiring others toward their best roles ever! Inspiring others for the better?that?s the story of Girl Scouts! So places, everyone! The orchestra?s tuning up. The curtain?s about to rise. Get ready to take the spotlight in one of the greatest stories of all? the story of you!

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