WHAT YOU NEED: ? lavash bread, flour tortillas, or whole loaves of bread with the crusts removed and the bread sliced horizontally. ? yogurt cheese or hummus, shredded carrots, shredded zucchini, turkey, or roasted red peppers, and shredded lettuce or an interesting leafy green such as arugula. Invite the girls to enjoy a fun snack of ?role?-ups? sandwiches rolled with assorted fillings.


Spread yogurt cheese or hummus on the bread or tortillas, top with desired fillings (see list at left), roll up tightly, and cover with plastic wrap. Slice the rolls like a jelly roll when ready to serve. You and your Network can prepare the ?role?-ups in advance, or each girl can play the role of chef and assemble her own. 1 CASTING CALL

Closing Ceremony: Roles and More Roles!

Gather the girls in a circle and ask them to take turns naming one of the many roles they already have in life and one new role they?d like to try. Then have the girls end with a friendship squeeze.

Looking Ahead to Session 2

Before the Juniors head out, ask them to be on the lookout for all of the roles they see girls and women take on all around them?those who help them out, teach them, give them rides, listen to them, and inspire them. You might say: We?ll share some of the roles we?ve seen next time we get together and get started on earning the first award in the journey. So, be sure to bring your books with you. NEW ROLES, NEW FOODS The aMUSE-ing snacks along the journey may be new to the girls. So point out to them that just as it?s fun to try new roles, it?s can also be fun to try interesting new foods. Who knows? They may even find a favorite new fruit or vegetable?and a novel way to enjoy it! Also let the girls know that next time, they?ll make a fun snack together (see page 39, but don?t spoil the surprise by saying too much!), and ask whether they prefer to make it using pesto or tomato sauce, a puree made from berries or mango, or another colorful sauce they all like. (Remember that some pesto sauces contain nuts, so check for allergies before offering it as a choice.) Reach out to your Network for the desired snack ingredients, including rice crackers. Also contact your Network to gather a range of props to start off the Juniors? Team Prop Box. You?ll want enough items so all the girls have several to choose from for the next session?s closing ceremony (see suggestions on previous page). 33

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