Opening Ceremony: Flurry of Roles

Gather the girls around the table (or wall) with the sticky notes and explain that each note names one of the many roles girls and women can play in life. Say:


When I call ?Start!? you all have exactly one minute to grab some roles and stick them on yourselves and one another.


Place only those roles you think are truly a good fit for yourself or whomever else you?re placing them on.


When I call ?Time!? your minute is up. When the minute ends, bring the girls together, asking them not to remove any of their sticky notes. Then give them a moment or two to look at all the roles stuck to them. If some sticky notes are on their backs or elsewhere where they can?t be seen, have other girls move them to where they?ll be visible. Then ask: ROLES TO USE (ADD YOUR OWN!) athlete, pilot, lawyer, veterinarian, news reporter, princess-in-training, artist, dancer, scientist, insect expert, ice skater, songwriter, astronaut, cartoonist, artist, surgeon, dolphin trainer, world traveler, writer, skydiver, businesswoman, friend, inventor, actor, leader of a band, chef, fashion stylist, game creator, coach CASTING CALL What do you think about the roles you chose for yourself? The roles other girls chose for you? What about the roles you gave other girls? Which roles do you think are the best fit for you? Which aren?t a good fit at all? Why? Which roles weren?t chosen by anyone? ne? Why do you think that is? Are they roles you never imagined trying? Why? Because you?re a girl? Because you?re a fourth-grader or a fifth-grader? 29

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