Singers, spies, princesses, friendly witches, adventurers? All kinds of exciting roles fill TV shows, movies, books, video games, and the Internet. They?re in TV commercials and ads, too?on billboards, on the sides of buses, in magazines, and on the Web. Roles for girls are everywhere! Maybe you know about a girl named Ella, who had a spell cast upon her and had to do everything she was told. Or maybe you?ve read about the very logical, very brilliant Hermione Granger who?s friends with Harry Potter. Or how about that girl named Fern who rescues a pig named Wilbur who makes friends with an intelligent spider named Charlotte who?well, you probably know the rest. These are fictional characters?you know that, too. They all have a role to play. 1 CASTING CALL Acting out different roles kicks the journey off with a confidence boost! A ROUSING BEGINNING SAMPLE SESSION 1

Casting Call

Activities in this session launch the journey?s two intertwining themes: trying on roles and the power of stories. You might set up this first gathering as a special journey kickoff where artists from the community share their work with the girls. You might also invite your Friends and Family Network. Then everyone can start the journey together in a creative and exciting way!



The Juniors have fun getting to know all the roles available in the world for women and girls.


Opening Ceremony: Flurry of Roles


Artists? Presentations (if local artists are invited)


Take the Stage


Inside the Prop Box



Customizing the Journey



Snacks: Sandwich ?Role?-Ups


Closing Ceremony: Roles and More Roles!

? Opening Ceremony: Flurry of Roles: pre-prepared sticky notes (see ?Roles to Use? sidebar on opposite page) ? Artists? Presentations (if artists invited): art stations, as needed ? Take the Stage: hat or bag, preprepared slips of paper (see page 31) ? Inside the Prop Box: large box, art supplies (magazines, craft paper, fabric, beads, yarns, acrylic or any quick-drying paint, craft glue, markers) ? aMUSE-ing Snacks: see page 32 Look around you at all the roles played by people you see or talk to every day. Look at all the fictional roles around you, too. Imagine what it would be like to switch places with any one of them and do what they do. That?s what actors and storytellers do?and you can, too!



For the Opening Ceremony, write the suggested roles (see page 29) on sticky notes and then place the notes on a wall or table where the girls can grab them. Make enough notes so each girl can have one of each role. Pages 10?11, girls? book


For ?Take the Stage,? write the suggested ?active? roles (see page 31) on slips of paper and then place them in a bag, hat, or other container.


If artists are attending, have each one set up her ?creation station? so the girls can view the art and then try creating something in that style or medium. Also call on your Network for art supplies and snack ingredients. 28

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