3 Leadership Awards

3 LEADERSHIP AWARDS IF A GIRL MISSES AN AWARD STEP . . . Find a way for her to do something similar to what she missed so she can still earn the award with her group. Your goal is to guide her to have the same learning and growing opportunity?and to understand how she can contribute to the team. You might ask all the Juniors to brainstorm about how girls who miss steps can get back on track with the journey. Girls may not experience activities in exactly the same way, but they can each take away new insights, connections, and a sense of accomplishment. On this journey, the Juniors have the opportunity to earn three Girl Scout Leadership awards, all of which build foundational leadership skills critical to moving up the Girl Scout ladder of leadership and becoming lifelong leaders.

Reach Out!

What it means for Juniors: They understand the many roles women and girls play in the world around them and the leadership skills used to play them. How Juniors: earn it: They keep a Casting Call Log and do an interview or a panel discussion (Sessions 1?4) When Juniors: receive it: Session 4

Speak Out!

What it means for Juniors: They are aware of how stereotypes could hold themselves and others back from trying on roles, and they Take Action to help stop stereotypes. How Juniors: earn it: They complete three Speak Out! activities, and team up to choose a stereotype and create and tell a story to help stop it (Sessions 5-8). When Juniors receive it: Session 8

Try Out!

What it means for Juniors: They have the courage and confidence to try out new roles. How Juniors: earn it: They keep a Role Call Log and choose and complete two other Try Out! activities (Sessions 9-10). When Juniors: receive it: Final Celebration 12

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