Opening Ceremony: Risk and Impact

Start off by acknowledging all that the girls have learned so far. Invite them to check the steps to the Investigate Award on page 107 of their book. If they?ve completed them, they can now earn the award. Encourage the girls to think about all the challenges they?ve taken on, and what they?ve learned as a result. Here are some guiding questions for the discussion: GEARING UP TO GO


new things have you learned and thought about while investigating?


it like to take a positive risk and do something new? Did you make any mistakes along the way? How did that make you feel?


other positive risks do you take in life? How do they help you? What have you learned from them?


happens if you make a mistake? Congratulate the girls for all they accomplished as leaders who investigate! Ask each girl to say something about the impact their investigation efforts might have on the environment. Here are some ?fill in the blank? examples that might jumpstart their thinking. You might write one on a large piece of paper or chalkboard to help the girls focus. We suggested _______________________ to the building manager and that helps Earth because _______________________.


that we know _________________ , we can keep on ______________. If every building we investigate becomes more energy efficient, Earth would __________________________________________________________. We educated and inspired _______________________ by speaking up about _______________________. We advocated for ______________________ by _______________________.


Are Those Plants Doing? And the Team? 77

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