Gearing Up to Go


Moving in New Directions

The Juniors begin thinking about their Innovate project. The girls: ? discuss the merits of various project ideas ? learn interviewing techniques as they prepare to meet with energy experts ? discuss their ideas for energizing food choices ? take time to make silhouettes The Juniors move toward a team decision on an Innovate project. Depending on the girls? interest, they may conduct a walkability/ bikeability survey of their community. Then they: ? make a team decision on their project ? begin to plan next steps SNAPSHOT OF THE JOURNEY SESSIONS 9 & 10


The Juniors plan and carry out their Innovate project, taking action to create changes in energy use on Earth and educating and inspiring others along the way. The girls also: ? check in on their teamwork and conflict-resolution strategies SESSION 11

Crossing the Finish Line

The Juniors reflect on and celebrate their accomplishments along the journey. The girls: ? earn the Innovate Award ? look ahead to more energizing adventures in Girl Scouting

Creating a Friends and Family Network

If other parents or creative teens can assist with any journey experiences, by all means enlist their help. You don?t have to do it all! Use the Junior Friends and Family Network Welcome Letter and Checklist on pages 18?19 to enlarge your web of volunteers. 11

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