Snapshot of the Journey


Start Your Engines


Pledging to Save Energy

Juniors begin to experience the various forms of energy and how they can make the most of their own energy to conserve Earth?s energy. The girls: ? get an overview of the journey and its prestigious leadership awards ? discuss the basics of energy and energy efficiency ? make recycled paper ? name their unique personal energy Juniors commit to an energy pledge, take a look at how plants use energy, and sort through some of the wasted energy they see around them?all activities leading to the Energize Award. The girls: ? share details of their energy pledges and consider a Team Energy Pledge ? assess the waste involved in excess packaging ? make beads from recycled paper ? consider how leaders use energy SESSION 3

Get Wild about Energy (and How to Conserve It)

Juniors investigate how animals use energy according to their needs and consider what humans might learn from them. They also compare and contrast animal and human communication strategies. The girls: ? observe animals in their natural setting ? consider how animal communication compares to human communication ? create their own list of communication do?s and don?ts SESSION 4

Investigating Buildings

Juniors begin to explore energy use in buildings as they delve deeper into the science of energy and get ready to conduct an energy audit of a community building. The girls ? test the energy efficiency of various lightbulbs ? check their meeting space for drafts and brainstorm how to stop them 10 SESSIONS 5 & 6

The Energy Audit

The Juniors conduct an energy audit of a community building and then educate and inspire others about the importance of energy efficiency as they move toward their Investigate Award. The girls: ? collect and review the energy data of their building ? practice communication skills as they prepare to report their energyefficiency suggestions to the building?s officials

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