Tracking the Girls? Progress

The Energy Award Tracker that begins on page 106 of the girls? book lets the Juniors record their progress throughout the journey. Encourage them to fill it in as they complete each step toward an award. By journey?s end, they?ll see just how energized their Girl Scout team and the community can be.

Three Ceremonies or One Big One?

The girls may want to decide ahead of time whether to have award ceremonies as they earn each award or at the end, to celebrate earning them all.

Energy, Connections, and Commitment

In Girl Scouts, using energy wisely is often about acting thoughtfully to make something better. When girls join together to develop and encourage personal skills, they energize themselves both as individuals and as a group. They also gain a personal connection and commitment to their team, and this strengthens their involvement in whatever the team chooses to do. WHAT IF A GIRL MISSES AN AWARD STEP? Find a way for her to do something similar to what she missed so she can still earn the award with her team. If she misses the day that the team practices communication skills, she can partner with a girl and trade tips at a later time. If she misses out on the energy audit, she can take the lead in a follow-up step, such as reviewing the audit data and making recommendations for greater energy efficiency. You might call on the full team of Juniors to brainstorm together about how girls who miss some steps can best get back on track with the journey. AWARDS ALONG THE JOURNEY When girls miss a team meeting, your goal is to assist them in finding ways to have a similar learning and growing opportunity? and to understand how they can contribute to the team. Girls may not have the exact same experience, but they can each take away new insights, connections, and a sense of accomplishment. 9

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