Awards Along the Journey

AWARDS ALONG THE JOURNEY The Agent of Change offers girls a chance to earn three awards?the Power of One Award, the Power of Team Award, and the Power of Community Award. In keeping with circular symbols often used to represent community and sharing (and Dez?s own spider web), these awards are circular, too?and build on each other from the inside out. To earn the

Power of One Award,

girls: ? discover and share the powerful story of a forgotten woman or girl from around the world who mobilized others and made a difference ? use their own ?power log? to discover all the ways their strengths and powers help them create change in the world ? discover what the Girl Scout Law and true ?heroines? share To earn the

Power of Team Award,

girls connect with their Girl Scout crew to: ? create a short ?supergirl? story, comic, or TV script in which the characters take one small situation they care about and strive for long-lasting community change ? make a team decision and write their team hopes for a Take Action Project that reaches into a community network to solve a problem together with community members To earn the

Power of Community Award,

girls ? take action on their plan, reach out, join others and get them involved, and start something that snowballs into a change in their world ? join in their Girl Scout Junior circle to reflect on what they accomplished and celebrate it 10

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