Imitating Nature

SAMPLE SESSION 3 GREETINGS AND FRIENDSHIP While the girls are still in their Daisy Circle, talk to them about how natural objects appear in the outdoors. Ask the girls to name some natural objects that they have seen outdoors. Then, going around the Daisy Circle, ask each girl to tell something about a natural object?grass, rocks, or trees, for example. If they have trouble talking about a natural object, gently prompt them with questions like: ?How about grass? Is grass hard or soft? What color is grass?? Then, once you have gone around the circle, explain that you are going to name a natural object, and you want all the girls to pretend to be that object. ? Explain that when you name an object, you?d like the girls to position their bodies just like that object, and to move about like that object. ? Name various natural objects, one after the other, such as a tree, a rock, a blade of grass, a soft cloud, the warm sun, a butterfly, an ant, a worm, a bird, or any other object of your choice. Aim to keep the choices related to the area where the girls live (if they live in the Southwest, for example, you might ask them to pretend to be a cactus). ? If you think the girls are up for the challenge, ask them to take turns pretending to be an object?instead of acting as a group?and have the other girls guess what each girl is pretending to be.

Closing Ceremony: Earning the Watering Can Award

Explain to girls that being responsible for their mini-garden and deepening their understanding of the Girl Scout Law has earned them their first leadership award, the Daisy Watering Can. To celebrate, consider a festive ceremony of songs, poems, and/or garden skits?perhaps in conjunction with the session?s mini-garden watering time. Aim for songs that reflect the Girl Scout Law, such as ?I Will Do My Best? by NancyJean Tripp and Sue Stitt:

I Will Do My Best

I will do my best to be honest. I will do my best to be fair. I will do my best through my words and my deeds to show how much I really care. Chorus: I?m just one girl in this great wide world, I can?t go on every quest. But I will do all I can do, and I will do my best. I will do my best to be a sister, to each and every Girl Scout; to observe, conserve, and preserve the natural wonders all about. Chorus I will do my best to be wherever, I am needed to be. To live by the Law and my Promise but most of all to always be me. Chorus 60

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