Sample Sessions at a Glance


Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden


Buzzing Toward Girl Scout Values

Girls meet one another, hear about the Girl Scout Promise, sample the Daisy story, plant their minigarden, and play Daisy Circle, Garden-Style. Girls say hello in Spanish, recite the Girl Scout Promise, greet each other with the Girl Scout sign, water their mini-garden, and enjoy a ?garden scamper??all the while discovering how Girl Scout values are part of their daily lives.


Greetings and Friendships

Girls say hello in French, deepen their understanding of the Girl Scout Law?particularly ?being responsible for what I say and do??maintain their mini-garden, and play an ?imitating nature? game. Their achievements earn them the Watering Can Award.

WHAT IF A GIRL MISSES A SESSION? Find a way for her to do something similar to what she missed so she can still move forward with her sister Daisies and earn her awards. If she misses a Garden Story Time and Discussion, for example, perhaps she can read the chapter with a family member or older friend. If she misses the team?s planting or growing project time, she can take the lead in a follow-up step, such as talking with her team members and sharing what they learned. 12

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