Practice making an origami butterfly so you can almost do it without thinking when you teach it to the girls. Advise any assistants or visitors to do the same. (Or substitute a craft activity you or a guest want to share with the girls that will also represent a beautiful outdoor critter that flies about Between Earth and Sky. Teen Girl Scouts may have lots of ideas that will go with this journey!)


Invite them to try the hidden pictures activity on page 21 of their book, where they have to find objects hidden amid all the shapes and colors. How many things can they find?

Opening Ceremony: Have a Good Trip (Chinese)

Have the girls gather in a Daisy Circle. Let them know that today they will say ?Have a great trip? to one another in Chinese, a language known by Gloria, the morning glory, who will soon appear in ?A Road Trip to Remember.? LIVING THE LAW, AND SO MANY SEEDS In Chinese, ?Have a good trip? is Yi lu shun feng! Going around the circle, ask each girl to say Yi lu shun feng! to the girl to her left. Once the girls have completed the circle, have them all say it together. Then invite them to add it to their luggage tag/bookmark! Then invite all the girls to join together to say . . . On my honor, I will try: To serve God and my country, To help people at all times, And to live by the Girl Scout Law. 63

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