The Firefly Award

This second award is earned as the Daisies recognize and develop their skills and then choose a skill they will educate and inspire others about. By making an effort that moves beyond themselves, the girls begin to realize the impact that they can have on others around them. To earn the award, the girls:


Think about and talk about their own skills and those of their sister Daisies.


Choose a skill that they can teach others, either at home or in their community.


Steps to this award are built into the suggested activities in Sample Sessions 4, 5, and 6. A good time for the girls to earn this award is at the end of Session 6. THE SKILL OF LIGHT Fireflies give a magical glitter to summer nights, thanks to their ability to create light. Fireflies Lucy and Ace light the way for the flower friends on this journey, so they?re the perfect symbol for this deed- and skill-based award. Fireflies are actually beetles, by the way. And lots of them are a good thing! Throughout the world, fireflies are a symbol of environmental health. IF A GIRL MISSES AN AWARD STEP . . . AWARDS ALONG THE JOURNEY

The Clover Award

Girls earn this third award as they team up to protect a natural treasure in their region. The award is named for flower friend Clover, who helps preserve the natural habitat of Alaska by convincing her cousin White Sweetclover to leave the state so that its natural vegetation can flourish. To earn the award, the girls:


learn about and commit to protecting a natural treasure in their region.


educate and inspire others in their community to join with them to protect the local treasure, too. (Suggestions for Clover projects are on pages 82?83.) Girls plan and carry out their project throughout Sessions 7?9. A good time for the girls to earn the award is at the journey?s closing celebration. Find a way for her to do something similar to what she missed so she can still earn the award with her group. Your goal is to guide her to have the same learning and growing opportunity?and to understand how she can contribute to the team. You might ask all the Daisies to brainstorm about how girls who miss steps can get back on track with the journey. Girls may not experience activities in exactly the same way, but they can each take away new insights, connections, and a sense of accomplishment. 15

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