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AWARDS ALONG THE JOURNEY Daisies have the opportunity to earn three prestigious leadership awards as they seek new challenges on this Between Earth and Sky journey. The steps to the awards, which are woven directly into the Sample Sessions, have the girls consider their feelings and skills and then take into account the feelings and skills of those around them. The girls then move on to engage their larger community. You might think of the Daisies? award steps as a series of collections: First they collect words and deeds? ways of talking and acting. Then they collect useful skills and ways of doing. And then they move out into their community to ?do.? You might spark the excitement of this award series by presenting the Between Earth and Sky background patch to all the Daisies at their first session. Or choose another time. There?s no set way to present it. You might even pass it out at a Daisy Friends and Family gathering that you hold before the journey starts. Here are the three awards and the steps the Daisies will take to earn them: A BUCKET FOR WORDS The Blue Bucket Award is named for the blue bucket seats of flower friend Lupe?s petal-power car. Just as Lupe and her friends get what they need from their bucket seats, the real Daisies dip into their bucket for leadership words that help them tackle an array of situations.

The Blue Bucket Award

This first award encourages girls to become aware of their feelings and the feelings of those around them. It also encourages them to develop good relationship skills: for negotiating and compromising to resolve conflicts, and for being considerate and caring to others. To earn the award, the girls:


tell one another about their feelings and the feelings of those around them.


take part in role-playing activities that encourage them to resolve conflicts, negotiate, and be considerate to others. 14 The steps to this award are built into the suggested activities in Sample Sessions 1, 2, and 3. A good time for girls to earn the award is at the end of Session 3.

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