Heading Here if Needed. Snapshot of the Journey Line two here.


Getting Ready for the Road


The Road Trip Begins

The Daisies begin to express their feelings and start to understand and experience the joys of travel, especially outdoors in nature. The Daisies continue to explore what makes them unique as they start to consider the feelings of their sister Daisies and expand their knowledge of shapes in nature. SESSION 3

You, Me, How Different We Can Be

The Daisies continue to explore their feelings and how they might differ from one girl to another. They also explore the range of colors in nature and earn their Blue Bucket Award. SESSION 4

Living the Law, and So Many Seeds

The Daisies explore living the Girl Scout Law through favorite flower friends and expand their knowledge of seeds and how they travel as a step to understanding how vegetation can vary around the world. The girls also try their hand at origami. SESSION 5

Special Skills, and Textures, Too

The Daisies continue to explore their similarities and differences as they consider the skills they contribute to their Daisy group and gain an understanding of the diversity of shapes in nature. 10

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