Gimme aC!

Now, it?s time to challenge yourself to Cultivate better use of media in your own life. There are plenty of ways to do it.

You can commit to saying no to TV stereotypes (and shutting off the TV whenever they appear). You can keep talking back to media makers about what matters to you. You can keep making media yourself that reflects your values.

But what exactly will be your personal ongoing commitment? To figure that out, jot down what has inspired you most along this journey. What opened your eyes, surprised you, made you mad, or made you think, and made you want to create?

1. 2. 3.

So what ended up on your list? And what on that list speaks to you the most? Just remember: No matter where your ideas come from, this challenge is for you, so the choice is up to you.



The first transcontinental telephone call. It would be another 65 years before telemarketers started bugging people in the middle of dinner!


The word ?Internet? enters the lexicon, although most people won?t be surfing the Web for another 20 years.

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