Community Counts!

If you could take action in your community just by hitting a key on a computer keyboard, what issue would you choose to tackle? What cause touches your heart the most, and why? If you surveyed your community to find out what bothers people about media?and what they?d like to change?what did they say? How can you work together to make these changes take root?


your chance to create the MEdia reality ?the


want for yourself and other girls. So . . . first things first. In what way do you most want to inspire others? That will help determine what you want to remake and why. Look all around and decide on a media issue you want to tackle. Maybe it?s something that turned up when you surveyed your community. Maybe it?s something you?ve noticed that others have ignored.

Only you know what?s bugging you about the media all around you. So think hard, and think smart!


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