Identify Your Issue and

Brainstorm a Solution

There?s so much going on in the maze of friendships. How do you find an issue that others in your world really need to deal with, too? And once you grab the issue, what solutions might you create? Here are a few ways to get you thinking about what a ?Diplomat? Take Action Project might look like. Organize a ?mini-maze? workshop (or two or 10) for younger girls, at a school, within Girl Scouting, at your place of worship, or wherever else you belong where you can guide younger girls to better interactions! Take some of the examples you have used on your way through aMAZE and adjust them so they are engaging and meaningful for younger girls. Add some fun sparks, and off you go. Can you think of a closing that invites the girls to also pass on to others something they learn from you? Or maybe your school or an organization you belong to can set this workshop up and offer it once a year?even after you?re out of the picture.

If younger girls knew more about... they would be better able to... even before they leave elementary school... and we might even... If more people at our school would just... then we would all be more...


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