Have you ever . . .

? changed your appearance or clothing style to please others? ? done something wrong because you thought it would make you fit in (shoplifting, drinking, smoking . . .)? ? not done something you really wanted to do because kids you want to be friends with weren?t doing it? ? pushed your friend to do something she really did not feel comfortable doing? ? made fun of someone who said ?no? to something everyone else was doing? ? gone along with the crowd to the mall or the movies even though there were other activities you really would have enjoyed more? ? decided something was ?too corny? for you because you saw other kids rolling their eyes, even though you thought it was nice? ? given away answers to a test or a tough homework assignment just to please other kids? (That?s different from teaching someone something they don?t know!) ? done something against important beliefs of your family? ? silently gone along with something that you knew was just mean? ? dropped friends because other ?friends? didn?t like them?even though you really did? ? done something else you think was a form of peer pressure?


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